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With our great new website update we have our new blog layout all sorted and ready to take off! I'm super excited that the very first post is about delish, Chef inspired Cocktails because well, its just plain fun and a great way to kick things off!

Every Monday we will feature a cocktail, mocktail or fun drink infusion that you can use for a party, dinner or celebration. We will post pictures, videos on future posts and recipes for you to follow along and make it yourself!

As a Chef, I love experimenting in the kitchen. I love herbs and spices and things that are sweet and savory and different. A lot of the infusions that come together are a great mix of personality, a little flair and a whole lot of flavor, so let's get started!

I want to kick off this Mixology Monday with a cocktail that was created during this crazy time in our lives in the world of Corona 2020. If you're reading this today or this week or even this year, you will totally understand exactly where we are right now. perhaps it's years from then and you're looking for a fun little recipe to serve at your summer soiree and you're super excited to be hosting a grand party for 50 of your nearest and dearest and you don't even have to pause a moment to consider inviting them to your back yard. Well, today we have to do things a little bit differently and for that very reason a fun, summery, fresh cocktail with a little bit of sweet, an earthy balance and a lot of brightness is exactly what we need in these days of staying home, being away from the fun, carefree days of summer parties. So mix up a batch for yourself, you & your sweetie or your clutch of roommates and toast to days ahead of floating the river or sittin' poolside with your besties.

Blackberry Gin & Tonic

The Blackberry Gin & Tonic, or at least our version, was born in the heigh of the COVID 19 pandemic and it will be a sure hit for anyone who loves something a little bit fun but also craves that classic sophistication.

We feature Blackberries, Lime and Rosemary for that little something extra and it is fantastic!

2 oz. of your favorite Gin, we used Hendrick's

1 oz. Monin Blackberry Syrup

2-3 oz. Tonic to your taste

Squeeze of Lime and wedge to garnish

Sprig of Fresh Rosemary

1-2 Summer Blackberries

Pour first 3 ingredients in an Old Fashioned glass over a large ball or cube ice

Stir to incorporate and chill thoroughly

Strike Rosemary sprig across the back of your hand 1-3 times to open the herbaceous capillaries and bring out the flavor, stir a few rounds in the drink

Squeeze Lime wedge gently over and drop it in for brightness and color

Pop in Blackberries, serve and enjoy!

I hope you absolutely love the flavors in this fresh summer cocktail as much as we do. I also hope that it brings a smile to your face today. It's a Monday, at the end of your crazy work day, with the kids out on summer break, I'm sure running around the house! For this tiny moment, enjoy a bit of quiet, listen to some fabulous music and relax!

All my love and blessings,

- AB

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