Social Media working for you not against you

As I sit on my side porch today, looking out over my farm, I can see so many of my animals; my peacocks, rabbits, dogs, ducks, chickens and so much more. While I’m sitting here with this beautiful cool breeze on this amazing almost feeling like fall day here in Austin Texas I’m contemplating all that is... dun dun dun... Social Media! It’s really not fall yet or at least doesn’t feel like it because it’s still almost 90° but today we got an amazing little reprieve... we got rain, yay! If only for a few minutes. But the clouds did roll in and the thunder did rumble and the leaves have been falling all day and it’s absolutely amazing. I’ll take it!

I’m sitting here reading an amazing book, The New Rules of Marketing and PR, by David Meerman Scott. I’m learning so many things today about social media and content, blogging, posting and YouTube. There’s just so many things rolling around in my head and I’m wondering if maybe you are in or have found yourself in a similar situation to me, thinking some of the same things and also wondering how to drive your business in the most successful way.

So today I wanted to touch base on that a little bit in our Talk Shop Thursday as we get into the nooks and crannies of “building an empire” as my sister, Theresa, would say. We often look at all the things around us and all the media types and wonder, or at least I do, how on earth do I keep up with all of this?! How am I supposed to be able to build across platforms and reach everybody on a daily basis and find the right content that drives people’s interest bringing them to my door for business? There’s so many things that I’m hearing about that are telling me, don’t focus on driving the business, instead focus only on presenting information in a fun and exciting way and sharing the content that you already have, know and love. Then and only then, the business will simply come.

I hope that is true. I really hope that this will become true for us because we are growing so well. Slow but steady. Honestly though, I’d love to be able to take that slow and steady growth and transform it into something amazing and grand and big without it taking over our every day life. That sometimes may not be possible, we may very well have to have it be all encompassing and take over our whole lives for a little bit but at some point there has to be a break even moment and that’s what I’m looking for today. So here I am doing this research and looking into all of this information on social media so that I can make the decisions for my business that are going to help me succeed. The things that really help me draw the lines I’m looking to draw and grow my business without feeling overwhelmed.

No one really wants to feel that oppressive, daunting feeling of being overwhelmed all the time. You don’t. I don’t. So let’s stop that. What might that look like?

Streamlining! That absolutely has to be what this is about. I feel that with every fiber of my being. Streamlining my business or truthfully, my multiple businesses, into some thing that I can cross promote is going to be the best way to go for me and I wonder how that works for other people. I wonder how best to put that into practice; into reality; into real life?

Has that worked for you? What do you find that works best? Where do you put all of your eggs or do you not? Do you spread your eggs all around to multiple baskets or do you put them all in one basket and find that has the ability to cross pollinate for you? OK wait! Now we’re getting into eggs, chickens and bees here but either way I digress. There has to be an easier way. I just know it!

When I started writing this post today I started by typing it all out by hand on my phone and then I realized I have so much going on in my head it would be so much easier to dictate this to my notes app on my phone instead of trying to write each and every bit by hand. I’ve never done that before! How do I do that?? It can’t be that hard... right?! More final editing perhaps but at this point it’s been extremely helpful.

I think this is exactly what this book is trying to get across to me. The idea that there has to be smarter tools that I can use to make things easier. Maybe writing it down isn’t necessarily for me or at least writing it all down by hand every single time I want to get a point cross. Maybe it’s speaking the words aloud, maybe it’s doing a video, maybe it’s simply posting a picture to share my point of view. However I do it, getting the content across is the most important part, right? It doesn’t do anyone any good sitting up in my head. So if I’m getting content across, I’m reaching my audience and I must be doing something right. Even if it’s still just slow and steady. It will all come together. Less stress, more faith.

We started out the afternoon building some new ramps for our rabbit hutches so that they can go into all three bays of their hutch instead of just one. As I’m sitting here writing this I’m watching my rabbits learn how to go up the second two ramps; it’s so amazing. So peaceful, so calming. It’s making me realize that I definitely need to slow down. More of that less stress, more faith thing coming into view.

I think I’ve been so consumed with working the social media instead of letting it work for me!

That’s what I need to get down on paper, get down in my head and figure out. I’d love any feedback that you have, I’d love to hear what your successes are, what your trials and tribulations are. The things that you’ve crossed off your list knowing that they’ll never work or things that you’ve added to your list that either have worked for you or are the next thing you want to try. Together I know that we can make this whole social media thing make more sense and figure out ways to go across all platforms without putting in days worth of content and getting backlogged and behind. That’s my goal! That is my goal for today, tomorrow, this week and next month. Just a little bit at a time so that I can see it all come together. I hope you’ll join me and I hope you enjoy reading and perhaps together we can build an empire!



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