Let's Get Outside!

The great outdoors is calling and we want to answer it! That might not really be all that easy right now. As we find ourselves caught up in this pandemic and following safety procedures, going on our grand adventures is not as readily available as it once was. Our epic moments of exploration have to find other outposts and our experiences might just have to take a slightly different tour. That doesn't mean however, that we can't enjoy our surroundings and the beauty of life outside the house.

Our challenge this week should be to take a few minutes, even just a few, to get outside, intentionally. To explore something nearby or far away if you're up for a nice drive to get there. It could mean the difference to you, between a crummy day and an amazing moment, a new memory and who couldn't use some of those right now?!

Leash up the dog, hop in the car with the kids or take your bike out of storage and get outside!

It can be just that simple. Maybe you only make it as far as your driveway. Maybe you stop a moment to sit on your front steps and look down at the darling new flowers in bloom at your feet. Or put down your phone and really listen to that bird that has just flown up to the tree at the corner of the lot. It's a really amazing sound and each one is so unique. Are they calling to their mate, are they singing about how gorgeous this day is? Who knows. Only you and the bird can really contemplate that at this singular moment.

Ok, so I get it. You're probably thinking, What kind of crunchy granola did this chick eat this morning?! But seriously!! Something as simple as these tiny moments can really turn your day around. It can be enough to re-energize you, to give you a little break. Maybe the kids are fighting over a video game or lego for the umpteenth million time and you simply cannot deal one second longer. Hey who hasn't been there over the past 3-4 months?! This could be what you need for an itty bitty escape, or maybe this could be what breaks up that dumb fight over nothing and they too can take a moment to explore. I bet you if you set a timer for only 5 minutes you could get outside, catch your breath and feel amazing. 5 minutes! Thats it! I promise, I am the last one to remember to do this every day. I usually sit down to work in the morning and by the time I look up its 6:12 and I haven't even started thinking about dinner plans. Yikes!

We can do this together! I'm a big fan of the timer to convince yourself that its ok to take that 5 minutes or heck, let's take 15 or even 30! Ok, maybe Im getting ahead of myself but you get what I mean ;)

On this Wild Outdoor Wednesday evening, I hope you take a few minutes and enjoy the outdoors. Its finally not blazing hot outside like the surface of the sun with the heater going full blast. I think there may even be a slight breeze which would be amazing! Let's do it. Take a short walk after dinner. Wind down those kids with fresh air and maybe a little star gazing. Whatever you do, today, tomorrow, this week or next, try to slow down for just those 5 minutes and breathe in the fresh air around you. No one else is around, no one can contaminate your special isolated location when its your own yard or a long treat for the pups on a cooler night run, far away from others.

Im headed out there now. I think I'll take a glass of wine on the patio and listen to the Locusts buzz in the trees. If I lived back at our old house there would be a whippoorwill cooing in the tree along the back fence, maybe you're lucky enough to have that in your yard. My husband is teaching our daughter to cook an amazing Roulade with our fresh garden veggies and it smells amazing but as they gave me the night out of the kitchen (I know, right!!! WhAt wHaT?!) Im going to take advantage of it. Id love to hear what you do to take that minute outside. It is more important than ever right now and I wish you the most amazing evening and the best breath of fresh air ever!

With love and blessings,

- AB

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