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It all began with a dance ....

...A dance, a look and a conversation revolving almost etirely around their love of food. Chefs Jackson and Alicia were both drawn to the culinary hotspot of Austin Texas by delectable to-the-minute food, amazing people and incredible music. The rest as they say is history...

Jackson & Alicia Bolton ~ Austin Chefs embarking on a life long dream of owning their own wedding venue

Jackson and Alicia met out dancing one night and fell in love over conversations about food, time spent with family, watching their children grow and of course cooking together. They created the thriving catering company Pearl Snap Cuisine to combine their culinary expertise and bring to the Texas Hill Country a very unique style of catering that specializes in Action Stations, fire presentations and hands on cooking with Wild Game, exotic fruits and vegetables all mixed with love.

Something Unique

Like the picture you see here, not all is what it seems. For their wedding in October of 2017, Jackson & Alicia decided to carry out a southern tradition of burying a bottle of Bourbon exactly 30 days before their wedding date to ensure no rain on the wedding day. Come the day of the wedding they stood together in front of all their friends and family, on what you can see was a gorgeous sunny day and dug up the bottle to share a toast to each other and all those who were there to celebrate. It was the biggest hit of the day and had such a special meaning to them that they decided to plant a tree in its place as a start of their marriage, something they could watch growing and think of that moment. 

It was then that this unique idea really took hold. Why not share this very special tradition with all of our couples one day. Creating something that they could do together to start things off, then come back to year after year to watch it grow.


When Jackson & Alicia found their perfect property with a fruit and nut orchard already established they knew this was the perfect idea! They planted their little Peach tree in the orchard and every day they watch it grow. 

Meet Our Farm ....

We sure are excited to meet you! 


I love to be loved more than anything else in the entire world, except maybe cookies. I love cookies too. I guard the farm at night with my brother, Travis an we are very big but we love to be sweet and goofy! Our First Birthday is on 4th of July, 2020! My daddy calls me snapping turtle because I like to give kisses so much but I'm a bit wonky at it and kind of lap instead of lick. Cant wait to meet you at my farm!

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Dawwwww. Did someone say belly rub?!!!! I will love you and kiss you and snuggle you and I have no idea that I'm bigger than you 'cause I just want to be loving on you all the time. I really really like to put my paw on your arm or leg and give hugs. Plus my fur is super soft so I'm great for petting, really, come see for yourself! My brother maverick is my bestest friend ever and we love to play together all day long and our job is to guard the animals at night!

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Im the elder of the farm and my job is to round up all the goats and sheep. Im also in charge of guarding the house and I take my job very seriously. I love a good belly rub and to run really fast and swimming in the pond is my very favorite thing, ever! As Im getting a bit older, 77 you know, I get to be pampered a little extra and I sleep on my very own bed at night inside the house by my hoomans and get loads of extra belly rubs there too!

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Honey Mustard

Im the cutest, I promise, I know. I am really a house lamb, so if you see my hoomans, can you remind them that Im supposed to be inside? They seem to be very confused on this matter. Im out here with these "other lambs" but really I need to be in the house where I belong. When i was just 2 weeks old I came to live here as a rescue and was so tiny I was still only drinking mamas milk so i had to be bottle fed 4 times a day and got to live inside. My favorite thing was taking a bath in the kitchen sink. I am in need of a sink bath again. I love to be scratched behind my horn stubs and really love to eat!!!!

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Im a new mama to baby Butter and I love her so much. I am very patient while she eats and I am very shy as well. I am just finding my baaa and sometimes it startles me. Honey is like  sister to me and an Auntie to baby Butter, plus we look kind of like twins! 

My favorite place on the farm is on the goat mountain in the big animal pasture and playing in the yellow flowers with my fellow lambs and goats

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Im the baby of the farm and I have been told that I'm pretty darn cute! I was born on Easter Sunday! I have a tiny new Baaa and I love to eat new snacks. I'm learning all about hay this month and I looooove my mama and Auntie Honey. My best friend is Gnocchi and we love to play all over the great big pasture. Hopping is my favorite thing!! Im too shy to get close to my hoomans but Im very curious about them and I love it when they bring those yummy snacks!

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Im the original Sheep on the farm and the first mama to have babies here. Flour is my newest baby and though she is getting so big so fast she is still little to me. I am becoming more and more curious about hoomans and just yesterday I let my hooman mama pet my nose. If you look really close inside my ears I have a really neat pattern! My coat gets this way every year and will shed itself on its own so I don't even need sheering! 

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Im the baa baa black sheep of the family and though my coat has bleached out from the summer sun, I'll soon be all black again. I was born in January and am the oldest of the 3 babies on the farm. We are all girls and have so much fun playing together. I don't really get very close to visitors but I love to watch and observe all that goes on at the farm. 

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Im a first time mama goat and my little Gnocchi is a bundle of energy and cuteness! We are pygmy goats and wont ever get any larger than we are. I am a little shy but secretly I love to be scratched behind my horns, snuggled and tickled under my chin. I also love to talk a lot and boss around the other girls. Since Im a goat I get to do that. They are sweet and we have fun together but I like to get the best pick of the food! 

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Hey hi, hello there!! Am I standing still? I doubt it, I am usually all over the place! I loooooove to jump on everything and every one and would be greeeaatt at yoga, whatever that is!

My bestest friend ever is baby Butter, we play soooooooo much and love to jump all over the yellow flowers and our mamas and aunties and cows. Event the buffalo is fun! I really like to be snuggled when I chill out a little but that doesn't happen very often. Oh and I'm a great escape artist so if you ever see me out and about exploring on my own, I'll be fine, I'm a great big girl in a great big world!

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I the red twin to Willie and I love to love on you. I love side rubs and head scratches and chin tickles and snacks but mostly I love to love on you! Im very gentle and sweet and my brother is in charge so I usually step aside when he wants the love but I'll always hang around a little longer so I can get some snuggles too. I eat very gently if you want to give me a snack, just please ask my hoomans first. I cant wait to meet you and get some snuggles because I love you so much

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Im the brown twin to Chilli and as the very first livestock on the farm, even before we moved to the farm, I am the top dog, er, Goat! I am older by about 5 minutes and don't worry, I'll remind you if you forget. I am very sweet and love to get kisses and rubs and pats and scratches and tickles and love. I also looooooove to eat squash! Ooh and kibble, I love that too, and potatoes, and cheese, and watermelon is my favorite. Except for maybe pineapple or melons. Hmm, I cant ever decide!

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Hello Hooman! Is my fur in my eyes? It's pretty curly so I'm never quite sure. I really want to be loved on, but I'm way to shy to get close just yet, give me some extra time and when no one else is around I'll come a little closer. I sometimes forget where I left everyone and will holler for my friends but then whenI find them, I'm really happy, I love to be nearby. If I let you pet me, you'll be so happy because my fur is sooooooooo soft. 

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Im tiny and Im totally in charge! Shhh, don't tell Willie, he is the big guy but I think I am too! Im the daddy to Gnocchi and isn't she cute?! Im a proud daddy and we look super cute when we all hang out together. I love to jump on things, I love to be snuggled but my hoomans will warn you why they called me Stinkerton; I get a little stinky several times a year and then I am a little bit on the mischievous side, so the name stuck! Either way no matter what you call me as long as you talk to me and visit ill be one happy little goat! Plus I have the best blue eyes ever, or so Im told! 

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Oh are you here to see me? Ok, Ill just be eating. Thats my favorite thing. To eat. Ive been told Im a very pretty girl and I hope you think so too. Im very gentle and sweet but also like my space so I don't always hang out nearby the hoomans, unless its feeding time and then I'm for sure first in line. Im also the largest animal on the farm so i get first choice of everything. I get to eat first and I'm in charge of these cows and this really furry cow-looking thing over there to my right. 

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Bearnaise "Bernie"

Heloooooo! Did you come to play?! I love to play! Sometimes I show off a bit by hopping around the flowers, don't they show off my fur nicely!! I also looooove to be dirty and roll around in the mud and wear hay on my horns like a hat. Im super stylish that way. Im second in command on this part of the farm and I am constantly needing to remind these cows that I eat first, well, after that big horse of course. I love to be fed by my hoomans but I don't actually know how big I am so I can toss my head around a little bit so please do be careful near the fence when you visit. Plus my tongue is like super rough sand paper and slime all at once, isn't that great!!

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Im the sweetest cow on the farm. But Im also 3rd in command out here so I sometimes need to eat first and last. I love snacks, mostly apples, melon, squash is my favorite, potatoes, carrots, really anything that is edible is my favorite! I have finally gotten used to getting close to my hoomans because it means that I get the most snacks! So that's super great! I am sweet and loving and I love to lick your hand

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Im the shy one of the family. I really like to hang out in the background and watch the hoomans from afar. Im very gentle and every now and then I get curious enough to try to eat from their hand but that can be really intimidating. Have you ever tried that?! My favorite thing ever is hay. When its time for hay, I'm always the first one there and even though I often step away to let the other girls in, I always come back for more hay!

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Dont be fooled by my name, I am a full fledged part of this farm and have the prettiest eyes or so my hooman mama tells me. I am a little shy but I love to play with the other girls. I also am very tolerant of the goats and sheep and I have fun when the little ones come over to play from their pen. I love to lay on Goat mountain during the day and I love to get in the water so if you see me in the trench after the rain, you'll know why, it's like my very own spa!

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Parading around is my favorite thing to do on our farm! I show off almost every day all day, though Im not a showoff I just want you to know how much I love doing something for you. I'll do anything for you, you know. I'll even keep that pesky Brown Gravy from getting too close. I'm sweet and gentle and quiet and I love it when my hooman daddy holds me! I also am a great protector of my hooman mama and kids, someone on the farm needs to be a gentleman and I would like to look the part while Im doing so. 

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Brown Gravy

Im just as pretty as Dressing, don't let him tell you otherwise. I'm a great big Thanksgiving looking Turkey and my lady friend, Cranberry Sauce spends all day with me. I puff out my feathers and walk all over the farm. My gobbler is especially impressive. I sometimes like to be held but don't ever tell. Its a secret.

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Cranberry Sauce

Im a bit of a fraidy-cat. Unless of course you happen to be a peacock. Then I will show off and even sometimes fan out my itty bitty tail that matches Brown Gravy's! Im too shy to get close unless you have snacks, bit Im kind of cute and I talk a lot!

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Floyd Mayweather

Head Rooster here. Yes thats me, rooster in charge. If any of the girls get too far away its my job to bring them close to the coop and keep them safe. If the other roosters get too noisy, my job again to keep them in line. Im also first line of inspection should any new chickens arrive at the farm and Im absolutely in charge of bringing the sun each day!

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Mike Tyson

I should have a theme song. I run around all day with my wings down like Im about to sail away. Im daddy rooster to our new chicks and I have a tail that is longer than I am. I think Im pretty big stuff even though Im the tiniest Chicken around. It's my job to patrol the coop. I make sure that everyone is in at night on time and in order. Plus I keep away the ducks so Its a pretty big job and Im kind of a big deal. 

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Mr. Britches

Oh, hi there. Im new here. I brought the little mamas with me and we used to live on the neighbors old ranch. We are all so excited to join this new clutch of chickens, turkeys, ducks, geese and peacocks. To be honest, its a lot to keep all these guys in line but I do try. I know that Im in the #3 spot and Im totally ok with that so long as I have fresh air in my lungs and worms in the ground, Im a happy Rooster! 

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The Little Mamas

Pick a little, Talk a little, Pick a little, Talk a little, Pick, pick pick, talk a lot pick a little more. We are an active bunch! There are really 5 of us but we are so quick and all over the place that its hard to keep track, plus we are all identical red heads. That doesn't happen much but come over and we will tell you all about it, ooh a moth, gotta run! 

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Im officially Dodge's chicken and I have the prettiest saddle and I love to be snuggled. yes, you read that correctly, chickens love to be snuggled too and yes, a dog is my "hooman" It all happened like this. We started out a group of 5, 4 hoomans and a dog so I got the dog. He and I match so it makes sense when you think about it. plus it makes a great story. I also happen to be the only mama on the farm. Cumin and Black Bean are my little hens and cute as can be! 

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Im Mama's chicken because we are both redheads and Mulan and I are of the original 5. The ones that started it all for this crazy bunch of hoomans who, living in an apartment at the times said, lets get chicks, it'll be fun! We started out in a rubbermaid bin until we got too big and they had to get a new house. You're welcome. I am a bit aloof as chickens go but I am quite pretty and I lay great eggs so its a win win all around!

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Thats me, just running by! I love to explore! In fact, Im the most exploringest chicken on the farm! I wouldn't have it any other way! One day I'm making a dust bath near the sewing suite the next day Im waaaay up by the Pecan trees pickin and talkin to the sheep. I have a pretty big crow and I love to go quick!

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Im a twin. We are pretty small and quiet chickens and I am starting to sit my own clutch of eggs. I am hoping to be a mama soon but only time and sittin' will tell. When Im not sitting Im exploring with my mama or sister or looking in at the peacocks. I love to watch them fly. 

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Black Bean

Im the other twin. We look just like our mama, Mulan just tinier since our daddy is a tiny rooster. We love being tiny though since we can go just about anywhere on the farm and find the best hiding spots! Im off in search of more worms so I'll see you around!

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The Peacocks

We are a flock of our own. There are 3 gentlemen and 2 ladies amongst us and we are all identical other than that. Except for Al. He has one black feather on his chest and he is our alpha, hence the name. His real name is D'Auvagner Bleu Cheese, but thats a bit of a mouth full, don't you think? The rest of us are Truffle Tremour, Grana Padano, Humboldt Fog & Triple Creme Brie. Im sure you see who we were named by, a couple of Chefs! 

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Peanut Butter

Im the baby, yes me. I don't care who else told you that they're the baby, its really me. My hooman daddy tells me so every day when he picks me up and holds me and I love him for it. I may appear to be a little aggressive toward boots but really Im just jealous of anything being closer to you than me. My best friend is Marmalade and we are inseparable and loud. 

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I go where Peanut Butter Goes. We are the perfect pair, a couple of buddies out there floating on the pond living our best lives! He gets picked up a lot and I happily follow along after them. Sometimes I even get picked up too. It's pretty great seeing the world from that high up. Really though I just love to be in the water. Any water, even my drinking water. 

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Gallop and I came here as mousers and snakers and we are really great at our jobs. I am becoming far more social than even I ever thought I could get. I even let my hooman pet me and today he picked me up and I didn't even try to bite him. I call that a win. Please make sure that I get fed because I really like to tell you just how hungry I am if not.

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Fancy and I are very close friends. We live in the woods next to the house and guard the farm from creepy crawlies and slitheries and we are quite good at our job. We love to sleep in the kid's treehouse during the day and watch the ducks play in the water. Im very very skiddish but I want to say hi sometimes. 

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